Postgraduate Research Conference 2023 Breakthrough Insights in Education:

“The best ideas emerge when very different perspectives meet, then an idea can change the world"

PGR research conference 2023Welcome to the 14th Annual School of Education Postgraduate Student Research Conference, taking place on Saturday 13th May 2023 in the Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin from 9.30am - 4.00pm.

Authors are invited to submit an abstract of 250 words by Friday 10th March 2023 outlining your abstract title, research aim/objective, research methodology, theoretical framework, and core contributions or preliminary/expected findings. Authors can submit an abstract for their choice of: 

  1. Paper Presentations
  2. Poster/Multimedia Stations
  3. Lightning Talk

The focus of the research conference is to share ideas and best practice, and showcase innovative, transformative research in a friendly, reflective environment. This would be of particular interest to postgraduate researchers, early career researchers, and emerging educational academics.

We, the PGR conference committee, welcome contributions that create an innovative experience that will be inclusive, accessible, relevant, and fun. The conference espouses the principles of Universal Design and creative presentation formats. If at any point you wish to make suggestions – please do let us know.

Topics for Discussion

  • Teacher Training
  • Technology Advancements in Education
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Inclusion & Diversity in Education
  • Online/Digital Teaching & Learning
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Pedagogical Practices: Primary and Secondary
  • Andragogy & Adult Education
  • Other relevant areas related to education

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstracts should be 250 words long not including references and follow a standard abstract format clearly detailing, for example:

  • Your aim/research question 
  • Design/methodology/approach 
  • Findings 
  • Research limitations/implications
  • Practical implications
  • Social implications
  • Originality/value 

Application Form for submission

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The 15th-Century practice of kintsugi, meaning “to join with gold”, is a reminder to stay optimistic when things fall apart and to celebrate the flaws and missteps of life for this is how we learn to create beauty and wholeness. This ancient Japanese philosophy helps us accept our flaws. As the committee for the 14th Annual School of Education Postgraduate Student Research Conference, reflection has enabled us to recognise the flaws and fragmentations across society, echoed within our segregated education system.

Education across the globe boasts stakeholders, ideas, curriculums, a vast wealth and knowledge, and has the potential to change the face of humanity, to positively change life outcomes for all. Sadly, throughout the generations, education has remained disconnected, lacking a joint approach. Children and adults have fallen through the cracks of a broken system. By coming together, uniting our ideas, cultural strengths, pedagogies and best practice, education can be a humanities rich resource, enabling equity of opportunity from a foundation of respect and inclusion.

Now is the time to act; “the best ideas emerge when very different perspectives meet, then an idea can change the world”.