Postgraduate Research Conference 2024: Empowering Education in a Changing World

Empowering Education in a Changing World: 15th Annual TCD School of Education Postgraduate Research Conference "Empowering education is the key to understanding our changing world and shaping our futures. Join us for the 15th Annual School of Education Postgraduate Student Research Conference on May 25th, 2024, at the Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, from 9:15 am to 5.00 pm.

The conference theme, 'Empowering Education in a Changing World,' highlights the need for innovative approaches to education in a rapidly evolving landscape. This year, we focus on new findings, creative and novel methods and practices that empower educators, education and educational researchers.  This event will be of particular interest to postgraduate researchers, early career researchers, and emerging educational academics.

Topics for Discussion: The conference will explore a wide range of topics relating to empowered education, including:

  • Teacher Training
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Innovations in teaching and research methods
  • Distributed, Hybrid and Online Learning
  • Early Childhood Development, Pedagogy and Andragogy
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Inclusion & Diversity in Education
  • Just-in-time learning and professional training.
  • Lifelong Learning

Focus on Empowering Education: This year, we encourage contributions that focus on empowering educators through innovative practices and strategies to foster empowerment in both traditional and digital educational environments.  Our poster this year features an AI generated scene that represents our aspirations for empowering students to navigate uncertainties and embrace continuous learning.


Call for Submissions: Authors are invited to submit by Friday, March 8th, 2024. Abstracts for all submission types should be a minimum of 250 words and should outline your research title, aim/objective, methodology, theoretical framework, and core contributions or preliminary/expected findings. 

Submission categories include:

  • Poster/Multimedia Stations (2 minutes each)
  • Paper Presentations (15 minutes each)
  • Lightning / Gasta Talks (5 minutes each)
  • Workshops (50 minutes each)

There will be a small prize for the best submission from each category!



Submission guidelines:

  • Submissions with attachments can be emailed in PDF format to,  and we kindly ask you to also provide your abstract details via our webform to help our team track your submission.

  • Abstracts should be 250 words long, excluding references, and follow a standard format detailing your research question, methodology, findings, limitations, practical and social implications, and originality/value.  The application form for submissions can be accessed here.

  • Research poster submission should be A1 size and should be submitted in PDF or PPT format.  Accepted posters should be printed by the student and brought with you on the morning of the conference (we will follow up with you before then of course).

  • If your lightning / Gasta talk does not require slides, simply submit your details using the web form.

  • Workshops are expected to be interactive sessions, but the format is otherwise flexible.


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As we embark on this journey to empower education, let's embrace change, celebrate creativity, and collectively shape the future of learning. Together, we can create a transformative and empowering educational experience."