In Conversation With Series

A series of webinars hosted by Dr Gavin Murphy with top national and international educational policy and leadership experts.

Dr Gavin Murphy is strand leader for the Leadership and Policy strand of the M.Ed. Gavin's research focuses on educational policy and leadership, specifically the policy and leadership of teacher and school leaders' education at system and organisational levels, both in Ireland and internationally. 

Prof Margery McMahon and Prof Fiona King

Prof Margery McMahon, University of Glasgow and Prof Fiona King, Dublin City University.

Dr Amanda Heffernan

Dr Amanda Heffernan, Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester.

Prof. Kim Schildkamp and Prof. Chris Brown,

Prof. Kim Schildkamp of University of Twente and Prof. Chris Brown, University of Warwick.

Prof. Jenny Gore.

Prof. Jenny Gore, University of Newcastle, Australia

Prof Chen Schechter

Prof Chen Schechter from Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

Prof Jim Spillane

Prof Jim Spillane, School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University, USA.

Prof David DeMatthews

Prof David DeMatthews from University of Texas, Austin, USA.

Prof Muhammad Khalifa

Prof Muhammad Khalifa from University of Ohio, USA.

Prof Michelle Young

Prof Michelle Young from Loyola Marymount University, USA.

Dr Kylie Lipscombe

Dr Kylie Lipscombe from University Wollongong, Australia.

Prof Qing Gu

Prof Qing Gu from University College London, UK.

Prof Andy Hargreaves and Prof Dennis Shirley

Prof Andy Hargreaves and Prof Dennis Shirley from Boston College USA.

Prof Ciaran Sugrue

Prof Ciaran Sugrue, Chair of Education, School of Education, University College Dublin, Ireland.

Prof Anna Egalite

Prof Anna Egalite, College of Education, North Carolina State University, USA.

Prof Eleanor Drago Severson

Prof Eleanor Drago Severson, Teachers College, Columbia University, USA.

Prof Carrie Conaway

Prof Carrie Conaway, Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA.