Masters in Diversity and Inclusion in Further Education and Training 2023-2024

Welcome to the Masters in Diversity and Inclusion in Further Education and Training in the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin. This programme is a collaboration between the City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) and the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin. It has been created in response to national priorities in relation to addressing professional development needs of staff in the Further Education and Training sector.

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Course Overview

The Masters in Diversity and Inclusion in Further Education and Training provides opportunities for students to develop professional understanding and knowledge through study, practice, and critical reflection on their experiences working in Further Education and Training (FET) in Ireland. It is designed to help participants develop innovative professional ideas and practice to support diverse learners in a range of educational settings. It allows students to explore the theoretical factors underpinning policy and practice in the areas of diversity and inclusion and apply course knowledge and skills to their professional practice. It enables students to reflect critically on their professional role, practice, and context to evaluate and improve teaching and learning across FET.

Programme Structure

The Masters course is taken part over three years, made up of Year 1 Postgraduate Certificate, Year 2 Diploma, and Year 3 Masters. The Postgraduate Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion in Further Education and Training introduced in 2021 currently enables FET staff (in education roles and support roles) to enhance and develop their practice by increasing their own professional knowledge in areas such as inclusion and UDL, enabling professional networking and sharing (Communities of Practice), and in turn this will contribute to a more consistent, informed and quality educational experiences for FET students. The introduction of a new Diploma in 2023 and Masters in 2024 offers students a progression route for students from the Postgraduate Certificate. The Postgraduate Diploma (year 2) allows students to complete three further modules and a further dissertation module in the final Masters year (year 3).


Postgraduate Certificate 

1 year 30 ECTS 

30 ECTS 


Postgraduate Diploma 

1 year 30 ECTS 

60 ECTS 



1 year 30 ECTS 

90 ECTS 

Applications for this programme is currently restricted to applicants who have been approved for sponsorship by the City of Dublin Education and Training Board. Please do not apply for this programme unless you have this approval.

Programme Aims

Evaluate key theory and knowledge in relation to students with diverse educational needs in a range of FET settings;

Analyse the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and evaluate its potential to create a more inclusive environment for every student;

Assess principles of inclusion and diversity to teaching, learning and assessment practice that meet the professional standards of FET practitioners;

Engage in a professional dialogue with peers in the areas of diversity and inclusion that cultivates a continuous professional learning culture within the FET sector.

Module 1 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

This module introduces students to issues of educational equality, diversity and inclusion in Ireland and internationally. The module provides an understanding of conceptual understandings of inclusion as well as the legislative and rights perspective on inclusion and exclusion in education. The module provides students with an understanding of how we, as a society, define and view difference by focusing on how systems of education are structured. It highlights the increased diversity in our student population and provides insights into the educational experiences of students with additional learning needs (due to disability, educational disadvantage, ethnicity etc).

Module 2 Inclusive Classroom Practices through a UDL lens

This module aims to enhance the student’s knowledge of Universal Design (UD), Universal Design for Learning (UDL),inclusive pedagogy and andragogy within their planning and practices holistically. It focuses on developing the FET practitioner’s toolkit to critically appraise and embed more inclusive practices to respond to the diversity of their students through a UDL lens. Continual reflection in context, both individually and with students, will be integral to the module.

Module 3 Speaking to Diversity

This module has been designed to enable students to continue to develop their explicit reflections on educational discourses, values and professional practice. It will draw on critical pedagogy as a conceptual framework to build on understanding and analysis of the key concepts of equality and diversity as explored in earlier modules. Enabling voice from marginalised communities, and from  practitioners, will be key to gaining insight into how student and practitioner agency, resistance and engagement is understood, enabled and impacts inclusive practices.

Course Coordinator 

Dr Joanne Banks

Course Sponsorship

The Postgraduate Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion is in collaboration with the City of Dublin ETB.

Course Fees 2023-24

Postgraduate Certificate- Diversity and Inclusion in Further Education and Training

Part-time (1 year)

€3,060 EU

€7,160 Non Eu


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