Let's Talk Language

'Let's Talk Language' research seminar Thursday 22nd September 2022

'Let's Talk Language' research seminar Thursday 22nd September 2022

Date: Thursday 22nd September 2022 

Time: 5.00pm

Speakers: Dr Erika Piazzoli | Dr Noel O Murchadha | Dr Ann Devitt | Dr Emily Barnes

Venue: TRiSS Seminar Room | 6th Floor Arts Building TCD

In  response to demand, we will host our Lets Talk Language seminar face to face in the TRISS seminar room and also online live in zoom for those who cannot attend in person. 


Seminar Overview

In celebration of European Languages Day in September, researchers in Language Education in Trinity’s School of Education will interrogate the central role that language plays in all of our lives: as a means of communication, to mediate thought, but also as an integrated, semiotic resource that allows us to negotiate and exhibit our identities on a daily basis.

Dr Erika Piazzoli will explore the performative dimension of untranslatable words across languages and discuss the 'Lacunae: Embodying the Untranslatable' project.

Dr Noel Ó Murchadha will ask us to consider what is “correct” language anyway. He will discuss standard and target language varieties and the ideologies underlying them.

Dr Emily Barnes will discuss the development of educational language resources and the ideological tensions they can provoke.