Trinity Education Papers

The appearance of Trinity Education Papers revives a tradition of publishing within the School of Education that goes back to the publication of Studies in Education in the 1980s and 1990s. It is hoped that it will enjoy a similar long life and provide a showcase for the School of Education and a new and enduring means of communicating our work to the wider academic community, the education profession and prospective students.

Trinity Education Papers are a series of research publications showcasing the work of School of Education students, staff and their colleagues. The aim is to provide a means of research dissemination for staff and students which augments the possibilities provided by conference presentations, journal articles and book chapters. With its policy of internal editorial review and encouragement to students, in particular, to begin publication activity at an early stage of their research careers, it accepts papers that reflect work in progress at all stages of doctoral research presented in a scholarly manner. For staff, it offers the possibility of disseminating work that may be planned for publication in peer reviewed journals and books but has not taken on its final shape. It is hoped that Special Editions in the series will occasionally follow research conferences in the School, addressing themes of interest to staff and students, their research collaborators and invited colleagues.