The goal of this project is to capture online teaching and learning practices at this moment in time under COVID shutdown.

Project Overview

Since school closures on March 12th, two important surveys (Burke and Dempsey, 2020; Doyle, 2020) were undertaken to examine online teaching and learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic from the perspective of primary school principals (Burke and Dempsey, 2020) and parents (Doyle, 2020). This study seeks to build upon these timely studies, to focus on the teacher experience of teaching and learning online. The framework for the study is Universal Design for Learning as it provides a coherent conceptual framework to explore practices of teachers in providing an accessible learning environment online as well as in face to face settings.

The study involves a survey of teachers across school types. Given their centrality in engaging with students and providing continuity of learning for students, it is essential that the perspectives of teachers are captured and their experiences of online teaching understood. Furthermore, the timing of this research is important as some weeks have passed since school closures on March 12th and many teachers will have had to opportunity to reflect on their practice and consider the months ahead which may require further engagement online. Gaining their insights at this point in time, as students approach the end of their school year, would yield important insights into what is working for teachers and students alike. The findings will be necessary in planning for continued school closures or any future lockdowns due to the ongoing Pandemic.

Teacher Survey

Teacher survey on teaching and learning practices and professional development resources used and needed for online learning during COVID-19. The framework for presenting and analysing practices in the study is UDL.

Project Team

In collaboration with Trinity Access (project team Jen Maguire Donohoe, Eilís Ní Chorcora)


This project is funded by the TCD Covid-19 Rapid Response initiative.