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TLRH | Art + Science Reading Group | On a Higher Plane: Mathematics + Art

Thursday, 18 June 2020, 6:30 – 7:30pm

TLRH | Art + Science Reading Group | On a Higher Plane: Mathematics + Art

The Art + Science Reading Group is now a virtual gathering of thinkers, researchers and the incurably curious. Organised by PhD candidates Amelia McConville (School of English and Institute of Neuroscience) and Autumn Brown (School of Education and Science Gallery Dublin) and supported by Science Gallery Dublin and the Trinity Long Room Hub, the series will explore the evolutionary and revolutionary kinship between two approaches to understanding the universe and our place within it.

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This week we navigate the swerves and curves of Euclidian geometry, the language of primary colours, and some truly vicious smackdown poetry.

Leading us into the deep dark world of satire and maths is philosopher extraordinaire Dr Clare Moriarty. Clare will provide an introduction to Euclid's geometry through the eyes of an Irish mathematician and rabble rouser, Oliver Byrne. Described as the 'Matisse of Mathematics', Byrne ascribed primary colours to geometry diagrams in his gorgeous edition of Euclid's Elements (link below). Byrne was a contentious fellow (firearms enthusiast trained in close hand combat) and sought to further the work of another conspicuous and disruptive mathematician, George Berkeley. Bishop Berkeley discusses the nature of a line as “breadthless length” and attempts to upend our understanding of basic geometry.

We’ll be examining Byrne's diagrams in contrast to the paintings of Piet Mondrian exploring the parallels between their use of primary colours, their transgressive treatment of lines and geometrical realities.

Special thanks to TCD Research Collections for kind permission to share the PDF

Piet Mondrian, Tableau 2 (1922):

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Amelia McConville and Autumn Brown

Campus Location: Online
Accessibility: N/A
Research Theme: Creative Arts Practice, Digital Humanities, Identities in Transformation, Manuscript, Book and Print Culture
Event Category: Alumni, Arts and Culture, Library, Public, Science Gallery
Type of Event: One-time event
Audience: Undergrad, Postgrad, Alumni, Faculty & Staff, Public
Cost: Free but Registration Required

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