Launched in 2019, Trinity’s Research Charter sets out seven core principles that are central to research philosophy. The vision is to engage in research with the quality, intensity, depth, diversity, and openness that leads to fundamental breakthroughs, new understandings, key insights, and that can make translational and transformative advances. The seven principles that make up the Research Charter are a way of creating the kind of research environment and culture that can enable us to deliver on that vision. You can read the Research Charter here.

Eight prizes of €2,000 are awarded who have embodied the principles of the Research Charter and who have pushed the boundaries of knowledge in their research. The categories are as follows:

  1. Cherish academic freedom, diversity of scholarship, and pursuit of truth
  2. Position research at the heart of Trinity
  3. Foster and grow research talent
  4. Harness our collective expertise for the greater good
  5. Broaden our local and global impact
  6. Engage profoundly with our publics
  7. Stand up for research
  8. Push the boundaries of knowledge

Erika PiazzoliDr Erika Piazzoli received the award in the category of ‘Broaden our local and global impact'.



Andrew GibsonDr Andrew Gibson received the award in the category ‘Cherish academic freedom, diversity of scholarship, and pursuit of truth’. 

Heartiest congratulations to Erika and Andrew!