The Inclusion DialogueThe Inclusion Dialogue: Debating Issues, Challenges and Tension with Global Experts brings together a series of global expert views on inclusive education, revealing the evolving tensions in this research area and highlighting future directions. Based on fascinating and unique conversations with leading academic experts across the globe, Joanne Banks uses in-depth interviews to examine current debates in special and inclusive education and provides a clear overview of the key tensions which impact policy and practice across different national contexts. Her book also highlights how inclusive education policies do not always translate into inclusive practices in our schools. The dialogue presented in this accessible text provides readers with insights into our conceptual understanding of inclusion within the context of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. Through these informal discussions, this book is ideal for academics and researchers working in the area of inclusive and special education, for educators wishing to create more inclusive environments for their students, and for policy-makers seeking to understand what inclusive education looks like on the ground. 

Joanne BanksJoanne Banks is a lecturer and researcher in inclusive education at the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin and is creator/presenter of the Inclusion Dialogue podcast series.

Further information on the book can be viewed here.