Accessibility On Beaches

Dr Vivian Rath chats with RTÉ Ray D'arcy about accessibility on beaches for mobility scooters users.

22 Jul 2022

Dr Vivian Rath, School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, spoke to the Ray D'Arcy Show on RTÉ 1 about the significant impact #AccessibleTourism can have on people's lives, the importance of listening to the voice of disabled people and including them in decision making, and his Ph.D research on the socialengagement experiences of disabled students in higher education.

Vivian was able to roll down the beach on his mobility scooter because of the new beach mats in Rosslare allowing him to get sand in his sandwiches like everyone else! Listen here

Following the interview with Ray D'ary, RTÉ News published the story (02.08.2022) on the 50 metre-long beach mat at one of Co. Wexford's most popular beach to improve access for wheelchair use and people with other mobility issues. View here.

Vivian is and Adjunct Teaching Fellow in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) School of Education and the Research Officer on the reasonable accommodations in professional placement project with the Association for Higher Education Access and Disability (AHEAD). His Ph.D, titled the “social engagement experiences of disabled students in higher education in Ireland”, focused on the areas of disabled student social engagement, transitions, voice and belonging. 

He obtained a master’s in management from the UCD Smurfit Business School where he researched the employment of disabled graduates. He is the current Chair and founder of the TCD Forum for Disabled Staff & Postgraduate Students and a former TCD Equality Champion Awardee. He is an appointee to the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Disability Advisory Committee and has a role in monitoring the implementation of the UNCRPD.