SFI-Grant No. 21/SPP/3756)

The NexSys Strategic Partnership Programme strive to meet the unprecedented scale and complexity of the challenges associated with the transition to a net-Zero carbon energy system by 2050. NexSys harnesses a new All-Island academic partnership comprising forty-six academics with a diverse range of expertise to deliver a whole-of-system approach to the optimization of the energy system towards net zero emissions.

In the transport sector, this would necessitate going beyond improving efficiency in diesel trucks or modal shifts (Mane et al., 2021; Transport and Environment, 2017). Research attention will be focussed on exploring and evaluating alternative fuels or drop-in fuels, batteries, electrification (Nicolaides et al., 2017) and other fuel efficiency-improving tools understood to mitigate vehicular emissions including CO2, cost, and life cycle emissions (Kluschke et al., 2019).

This project will build upon SEAI-funded MAPHDV, EPA funded ECOHDV project and TII-ENABLE Phase 1&2 projects.


Principal Investigator - Dr Bidisha Ghosh

PhD Student - Ranganath Belagumba Ramachandra