What Our Students Say

The Children's & General (Integrated) Nursing degree programme in Trinity College has provided an invaluable foundation for my nursing career. The support and guidance given by the lecturers throughout the degree were exceptional. They were very supportive and always encouraged the students to achieve their full potentials. The lectures were interesting, interactive and encouraged students to think critically. The clinical placements were enjoyable and varied, which provided great experience prior to qualification. Since graduating from TCD in 2012, I have volunteered and worked for Butterfly Children’s Hospices in China caring for children with life limiting illnesses and at their end of life. No two days are ever the same in the Butterfly Home and due to the precious, unpredictable nature of the work, you always need to be prepared to expect the unexpected. Some babies are only with us for a short time, days, hours or even minutes, and the only consolation is that these babies all mattered, they were all loved, given their own identity and will be remembered forever by those who cared for them. The knowledge and clinical skills I have gained through my nursing training in TCD have been invaluable to these children. The opportunities that will arise from this course are greater than I could have ever expected. I would recommend this integrated course to anyone.

Katie Hill

Children's & General (Integrated) Nursing Degree Programme

Going back to college as a mature student can be very demanding particularly if you have a family with small kids, however I find the course really stimulating and very meaningful. The programme is conducted in a pleasant, inspiring and effective way. We have very helpful lecturers and tutors who are well prepared, communicate the information well and are very approachable. Any support one might require from them is always met with enthusiasm. I find the diverse range of topics in the General Nursing programme very relevant to modern-day nursing in Ireland and very enlightening in terms of previous nursing practices. This has afforded me a first-class learning environment with excellent lecturers, library facilities and above all the excellent academic experience. There is a peer mentor and support facility that helped me greatly during my first days in college. The journey is shared with a wonderful group of classmates made for a memorable, positive and rewarding experience.

Sandra Takaza(nee Nyoka)

4 Year Nursing Degree Programme (BSc Cur)

Being a student of Nursing and Midwifery at Trinity College Dublin is quite an amazing experience. The college has given me the opportunity to explore my academic potentials as well as enriching my skills in becoming a qualified nurse.
The college offers a unique academic environment which consists of provision of large spacious and comfortable sitting lecture halls with modern learning equipment, state of the art libraries which provides great academic learning resources for students. Knowledgeable, qualified and experienced lecturers who are expertise in their various fields are always ready to support students through their learning. Friendly and cheerful staff are also readily available to assist.
In addition to class lectures, small tutorial groups are organised by lecturers which provides students with excellent opportunities to learn from each other thus making Trinity an outstanding institution.
The practical aspect of the course is exceptional as it is also arranged in smaller groups for easy learning and participation by students. The college liaises with reputable hospitals by organising practice learning placements with them which provides students with opportunities to work in clinical settings thus building up their confidences as they progress with their studies. I will definitely recommend school of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin to anyone who is aspiring to study Nursing and Midwifery as a career.

Olumukola Akindolie

4 Year Nursing Degree Programme (BSc Cur) Intellectual Disability NursingBeing a student of Nursing)

I choose to study Mental Health Nursing at TCD as it is recognised as the best University in Ireland and one of the best worldwide for its excellence in teaching. I am now a third-year student and my experience so far has been very positive. The teachers are very helpful, approachable and very willing to share their personal and clinical experience with students. They challenge us in a positive way in order to get the most out of us. Another aspect I like is that TCD offers loads of opportunities to put the theory learnt in college into practice during various clinical placements scheduled throughout the course. Those placements are designed to cover a significant range of health settings and by that expose the students to many different work environments; this ultimately will be key for me when deciding the career path as a mental health nurse.
Finally, the location of TCD is great in all aspects; easily to reach from any place and, being in the heart of Dublin, there is loads to do at your doorstep.I would strongly recommend TCD to any student interested in pursuing a career in Mental Health Nursing.

Izabela Malanowska

4 Year Nursing Degree Programme (BSc Cur) Mental Health

I was apprehensive about undertaking a 4 year degree programme as a mature student, but both the lecturers and fellow classmates made it an easier transition than I had anticipated. Returning to college has proved to be extremely rewarding and enjoyable for me and I have enjoyed the course thoroughly so far. I won't deny there have been some challenging moments along the way but the lecturers have provided plenty of encouragement and support, and are keen to help all students reach their potential. The course is nicely balanced between lectures and clinical placements, so we can put into practise what we are learning in class and also gain invaluable experience in clinical settings. I have had a fantastic group of classmates and have made lifelong friends.

Niamh Meagher

Bachelor in Science in Midwifery Honours Degree