Mental & Physical Health Comorbidity

The intersection of mental and physical health comorbidity presents a critical healthcare challenge, particularly for individuals with severe mental illness (SMI). People with SMI have poorer physical health than those without, evidenced by higher prevalence of physical comorbidities and higher mortality, notably a 10 – 20-year reduction in life expectancy.

This research theme aims to examine inequalities in health and outcomes through comparative population health research. Key priorities include,

  • Investigating drivers behind premature mortality,
  • Understanding trends in prevalence of physical conditions, risk factors and complications, 
  • Examining barriers to good physical health and outcomes,
  • Practice innovation in the development of comorbidity complex care pathways

This research agenda seeks to generate a body of knowledge on comorbidity which will inform health policy, service development and clinical practice with the goals of enhancing quality of care and health outcomes for individuals experiencing mental and physical health co-morbidity.

Physical health and comorbidities - Team