Student Placement Information

Student Placement - (BSc Cur) Intellectual Disability Nursing

For the clinical component of the programme you are affiliated to a health service provider, within your chosen nursing discipline. Part of your course work will be clinical placements, consisting of a number of weeks each year, in a variety of clinical settings. The duration of these placements vary each year and are outlined in your year planner for the given academic year. During the fourth year students undertake a 36-week roster of continuous placement and you will be a paid health service employee.

The student will gain clinical experience across a wide variety of settings in the care of people with an intellectual disability. A key emphasis will be placed within this course on working collaboratively with other professionals and working in partnership with family members in planning and implementing therapeutic programmes of care. Stewarts in Palmerstown, Dublin and Moore Abbey in Monasterevin, Kildare are the two main sites associated with the training of nurses to work in the intellectual disability arena for Trinity College. Students will be given the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the living areas for children and adults, day centres, employment settings, physiotherapy units, recreational departments and many other areas.

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