M.Sc./P.Grad.Dip. Specialist Nursing - Perioperative

Patient under anaesthetic

Key Facts

Course Code: DPTNM-SNUR-1SNU

Duration: 2 years part-time

Next Intake: September annually

Closing date for applications: 30 June

Location: 24 D'Olier Street, Dublin 2

Course Content

As part of this course students will be facilitated to undertake one of the following advanced strands:

  • Surgical
  • Anaesthetic/ Recovery
  • Paediatric (please note that the paediatric stand is only available in conjunction with AMNCH)

To undertake these strands the applicants must specifically have experience in the chosen strand e.g. paediatric, theatre/ surgical or anaesthetic/ recovery in the past two years. Each student who successfully achieves the academic and clinical requirements in year one will be awarded a P. Grad. Dip. in Specialist Nursing (Perioperative) and students who continue into and successfully complete year two will be awarded a M. Sc. in Specialist Nursing.

This course maintains a very strong emphasis on the practical skills necessary to enable nurses to care for patients in a holistic way. It is of utmost importance that the focus of any new course must be on the acquisition of research-based knowledge which informs practice.

The learning opportunities offered by this course are designed to integrate the many facets of patient management during anaesthetic/recovery and surgical procedures. Through supervised clinical practice and appropriate academic input, the student develops responsibility for holistic patient care and personal accountability.

Year 1 Modules


  • NU7551 Principles of Perioperative Nursing
  • NU7552 Nursing Management of the Perioperative Patient
  • NU7553 Perioperative Department Management
  • NU7554 Supervised Practice Placement (Peri-op)


  • NU7013 Theory & Practice of Enquiry Methods for Healthcare
  • NU7020 Leadership, Quality Improvement and Governance

Year 2 Module

  • NU8007 Dissertation

Course Assessments

Each module will be assessed by the successful completion of an academic assignment. The assessment of clinical competence will focus on the acquisition of specialist competencies and the clinical assessments will be carried out throughout the clinical placements.

Each student will receive a planned clinical placement timetable for the duration of the course. During the course educational and clinical facilitators will offer personal and professional support to each student.

Clinical Allocations

Postgraduate Course Team, E: PGT.Nursing.Midw@tcd.ie

Kevin McKenna, St. James's Hospital, Centre for Learning and Development, E: KeMcKenna@stjames.ie

Clodagh McLoughlin, Deputy Head of Learning & Development, Centre for Learning & Development, Tallaght University Hospital, E: clodagh.mcloughlin@tuh.ie