Trinity 8th International Spirituality in Healthcare Conference

Speakers for a conference

'The Spiritual Imperative in Healthcare:
Perspectives on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Nurturing Resilience'

Thursday 6 June 2024

This will be a virtual event with live Q&A sessions and on-demand access to recorded sessions

On behalf of the School of Nursing and Midwifery, the conference organising committee take great pleasure in welcoming and inviting participants from across the world to attend the 8th International Spirituality in Healthcare Conference.

The conference provides innovative interprofessional opportunities to explore and advance the art and science of spirituality as an emergent field of study, to meet our exciting keynote speakers, oral presenters, panellists and experts. The conference is designed to stimulate discourse that address contemporary spirituality issues within healthcare and healthcare education.

This interdisciplinary event provides a collaborative forum for academics, clinicians, researchers, policy-makers and service-users to join in a scholarly dialogue of spirituality, to present research, education and evidence based practice, with the common aim of supporting holistic understanding of spirituality and re-imaging the patient care experience.