The mission of the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin is to:

Provide leadership in multi-professional and multidisciplinary healthcare research, education and practice at local, national and international levels;

Encourage all students and staff to achieve their full potential within an open, liberal and facilitative environment that makes the School an exciting place to work and learn

Make major contributions to evidence-based, high-quality healthcare on the Island of Ireland and abroad, achieved through excellence in education pre- and -post registration nursed and midwives and in the conduct of world-class multidisciplinary post-graduate education and research

Nursing and midwifery practice, rooted in compassion, draws upon extensive knowledge and care experience to provide physical and psychological care of the highest quality. Nurses and midwives will take centre stage in ensuring efficient and effective delivery of accessible, integrated and consumer-driven healthcare, will creatively design health related programming and services and will ensure quality through advocacy, policy-making, service management, education and research.