Suicide and Self-Harm

This research theme’s focus is on suicide and self-harm. Suicide, suicidal behaviour and self-harm are significant public health problems nationally and internationally, with over 700,000 people dying by suicide each year worldwide. Many more people engage in self-harm which is itself a significant risk factor for completed suicide. Using a range of research methodologies, research within this theme focuses on the extent, nature and causes of self-harm and suicide and is particularly focused on people's experiences of self-harm and suicidal behaviour, in addition to the responses of healthcare professionals to people who present with self-harm/in suicidal crisis, and their families.

Findings from studies within this research theme are translated into implications for practice, in terms of prevention, treatment and support for people experiencing self-harm/suicidal behaviour, and their families. Researchers within this theme collaborate with other researchers nationally and internationally, in addition to key stakeholders including people with lived experiences of self-harm and suicidal behaviour, healthcare providers, NGOs and suicide prevention charities.

Suicide and Self-Harm - Team