Dr Vivienne Brady

Assistant Professor in Midwifery & Athena Swan Co-Champion

I am a midwife and academic with two daughters and Aurora Leadership Development Programme Role Model and Mentor. Preferred pronouns she/her.

Amhairgín Ní Laoi

Athena Swan Project Manager

I am keen to ensure that everyone is and feels included, valued and supported so Trinity and Ireland play to our strengths.

Fintan Sheerin

Associate Professor in Intellectual Disability Nursing & Head of the School

I have been an advocate and activist for rights of people across health and other settings for many years. 

Frank O'Rourke

School Manager

As Manager of the School of Nursing & Midwifery I work with my colleagues to create a safe, equal and inclusive working environment. I am committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion principles and applying these in my role and interactions with all School stakeholders. 

Louise Daly

Associate Professor in Ageing and Community Nursing & Head of Discipline General Nursing

A nurse with a passion for caring for older adults and people living with dementia. She works hard to balance family, academic life and keep mind and body fit. 

Eimear McGlinchey

Assistant Professor in Intellectual Disability

My background is in Psychology. I have worked for many years in the area of intellectual disability and want to foster inclusion and equity in all aspects of research and within the college community. 

Jan de Vries

Associate Professor in Psychology

Subject leader in Psychology and research at present is focused on the neurological foundations and applications of cognitive dissonance, mental health, and LGBTIQ+ experiences in Ireland. 

Carmel Doyle

Assistant Professor

I am an intellectual disability and children's nurse who passionately advocates for children with intellectual disabilities and their families to ensure an inclusive approach in society that promotes equality, fairness and diversity. 

Laura O Shea

Assistant Professor in Midwifery

I am a midwife and academic, teaching across undergraduate and postgraduate midwifery programmes. I am a passionate advocate for equality and fairness. Preferred pronouns are she/her. 

Emma Duffy

Administrative Officer - Postgraduate

An administrative professional who is passionate about equality and fairness. I manage the postgraduate team to deliver quality support to the School’s students and community. 

Gavin Dann

Administrative Officer - Research

I believe in a fair and inclusive working environment for all. I support Prof. McCarron and the team at the Trinity Centre for Ageing and Intellectual Disability. 

Aviejay Paul

Data Scientist

I am a data scientist and help researchers with data analysis. Strong believer in the ancient Sanskrit/Vedic phrase “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, meaning “The world is one family”. I aspire to help create and maintain a “one family” in the School of Nursing and Midwifery. 

Mary Kelly

Assistant Allocations Officer

A member of the professional team with an interest in equality, diversity and inclusion in workplace and our every day lives. 

Promise Okafor

Student Representative

I'm a Student Nurse and the Public Relations Officer for Trinity's Welfare and Equality Committee, meaning I welcome any opportunity to be involved in anything that involves promoting diversity and inclusivity for my fellow students. 

Yunuo Chen

Student Representative

I am a student nurse, and my experiences in healthcare have reinforced the importance of equality and inclusivity in creating a compassionate society. I strongly advocate for the belief that everyone is born equal.