Philosophy of the School of Nursing and Midwifery

To realise the mission and vision of the School, nursing and midwifery incorporates the concepts and principles of caring, empowerment, partnership, holism and a respect for uniqueness.

The practice of nursing and midwifery is accountable, ethical, proactive and responsive to healthcare needs, effecting a positive contribution or transformation by being with, and responding to, an individual, family, community and society. Practice is underpinned by a dynamic knowledge-base, grounded in evidence and inclusive of contributions from science and the humanities.

The wide variety of practice settings utilized by the School provides the environment from which new nursing and midwifery knowledge develops. Valuing and promoting the different approaches and conceptualisations of nursing and midwifery that arise, particularly from the diversity of disciplines within nursing represented in the School, is regarded as enhancing the vision for nursing and midwifery that the School holds.