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Ethnicity / Nationality


Trinity welcomes the increasing cultural diversity of our community, and is committed to equal treatment of all regardless of race, ethnicity or nationality.

International Students

International Admissions and Study Abroad advise international students on study opportunities here in Trinity, and inform current Trinity students of opportunities to study abroad. Global Relations run the Global Room and other initiatives for international students.

The International Student Society brings students of all different nations together for social and cultural activities, and the SU International Students' Officer is there to support and to represent international students (contact:

English for Academic Purposes is taught here and the Student Learning Development service offer great advice for international students on assessment and study norms in Ireland.

International Chats

International Chats is a support group designed for facilitating TCD International Students’ adjustment, academic success and personal growth. Members have opportunities to explore and share experiences, discuss different topics, engage in various group activities, and learn useful strategies. Additional topics may also include exploring identity, family relationships, dating, faiths, academic/work/financial stress, immigration, stigma, discrimination/exclusion and the impact of these issues on their TCD experience by increasing connection, self-empowerment, and advocacy as students academically advance in a multicultural world.

This group is co-facilitated by Lynne Chen (Student Counsellor) and & Louise Staunton (International Student Experience Manager) or Abigail Odekeye (Global Room Assistant Manager) (rotating Global Facilitation)

Learning Outcomes

  • To explore experiences in college and living in Ireland as an International/Multicultural student
  • Receive mutual support while fostering resilience and self-care
  • To learn from others about how to manage distress and the chance to be creative about resolving these issues

Start Date & Time – starting 20 Nov 2020, Fridays 2:00-3:15pm, 6 weeks (last meeting on Thursday 23rd December)
Pre-registration is essential: Register here

Student Cultural Societies

Trinity boasts a very wide range of societies celebrating particular ethnicities, nationalities and cultural identities, including:

Intercultural Awareness Training

Intercultural Awareness Training has been offered to select offices on a pilot basis - please contact Global Relations if you are interested in availing of the training.

Supports for Students or Staff Experiencing Racism

Trinity Students

Contact your Tutor. (Senior Tutors Office 01-8962551; Log on to your portal to obtain your Tutor’s email address.)
Student Counselling:
Peer Support S2S:
SU Welfare Officer:
Trinity Postgraduate Student Support Officer: 
GSU President: 
GSU Welfare Officer: 
TCD Afro-Caribbean Society:

Trinity Staff

Human Resources –
Employee Relations –
Employee Assistance Programme -

Trinity Staff and Students

Dignity & Respect Contact Persons:
Trinity Equality Office:
University Health Service: (01) 896 1556


iReport: Online platform for anonymous reporting of racism in Ireland -
Immigrant Council: Anti-Racism Hotline – (01) 674 0200

Research and Study

The School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies conducts teaching and research in various elements of linguistic and cultural diversity.

The Trinity Centre for Asian Studies brings together teaching and research in Chinese, Korean and Japanese Studies as well as other regionally-based scholarship and pan-Asian research.

Policy and Strategy

The Equality Policy and the Dignity and Respect Policy protect all members of the University community from discrimination, bullying and harassment; this includes discrimination, bullying and/or harassment relating to race (including ethnicity, nationality and skin colour). Don't hesitate to contact the Equality Officer or the Dignity and Respect Contact Persons (listed in the policy) for advice on these matters.

Section A1.2 (p20) of the Strategic Plan 2014-2019 lays out Trinity's goals for internationalisation, stating that "Geographical diversity in our student community is critical in developing an educational milieu which fosters cross-cultural understanding and prepares all students for a life of global citizenship. It allows for a coming-together of different educational, cultural and personal perspectives."

Reports and Statistics

Ethnicity / nationality of staff and students is recorded in Annual Equality Monitoring Reports.

Legal Protections

The Employment Equality Act 1998 (as amended) outlaws discrimination within employment related to nine grounds including race (which also refers to ethnicity, nationality and skin colour); the Equal Status Act 2000 (as amended) also outlaws discrimination on the basis of race, covering access to goods and services (including education).

The Traveller community are protected by the "race" ground as well as the "membership of the Traveller community" ground, following the formal recognition of Traveller ethnicity by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny in 2017.

Please see our legislation webpages for further information.

External Organisations