Trinity EDI Survey for Staff 2024

The EDI survey is a key part of College’s Athena Swan and EDI work; feedback from staff who take part in the survey gives us an opportunity to reflect on what we are doing well and to see where we can do better.

About the Survey

Take Part in Our Trinity Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Survey 2024

We use the data and findings from our previous all staff surveys for our Athena Swan applications and to inform our EDI work in Trinity, including ensuring we are compliant with the Public Sector Duty. You can see our current Trinity Athena Swan application and our 2023-27 Action Plan here

We are delighted that Trinity Global was the first professional unit in Trinity and Ireland to achieve an Athena Swan award just last month, a milestone which demonstrates the increased engagement of professional, management and support staff in the new Athena Swan Ireland Charter. This EDI survey is a key part of Trinity’s Athena Swan work.

As a thank you for your participation, the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Office is pledging €1 per completed survey to the Trinity Access Programmes (TAP) Financial Emergency Fund.

The EDI survey is designed to capture information about your career, experiences and perceptions of the working environment in Trinity. This is a strictly confidential survey, and responses are anonymous. We do not ask for your name or contact details, but we do request some important demographic information to help us to understand the survey responses.

The survey will take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. If you prefer a paper printed copy of the survey please contact us on or phone us on 01 896 4352 and we will deliver printed surveys to you.

How do you ensure confidentiality of EDI Survey data?

The EDI Office have strict criteria on using any information from surveys that could identify a staff member so all survey responses and subsequent survey data are reviewed to ensure that nothing that could be identifying is included in our collated reports at College/Institutional, School or Unit levels. We follow detailed advice and guidance on data use from Advance HE in relation to working with sensitive data. We have also consult with the Trinity Data Protection Office on our survey questionnaire and approaches to ensure the protection of anonymity of survey participants. In some cases, this might mean that a response from an individual cannot be included in a School or Unit level report but can be included in the overall College report.

Who will see my EDI Survey responses?

This is a strictly confidential survey, and responses are anonymous. All data collected through this survey will be held securely and confidentially in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and the Data Protection Act 2018. Under no circumstances will any individual responses be made available to anyone outside the research team in the EDI Office. Individual results will be aggregated/gathered anonymously, and research reported on aggregate or combined results. At no point will the information provided be shared in a way that would allow a person to be personally identified. Any published material will be completely anonymised too.

 Will I be asked to provide personal details?

 We do not ask you for your name, staff number or any contact details in this survey. To best understand your answers please provide us with some personal demographic information as part of this survey. The amount of information you share is entirely up to you; and please only disclose information with which you are comfortable. Please refrain from including any information which could identify you or anyone else. Where you do not wish to disclose information, please choose the ‘prefer not to say’ option. All responses will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be seen by the research team.

Please note: This survey is a means of sharing experiences and perceptions but not a route to reporting specific incidents or complaints. This should be done through your Line Manager/Head of School or Unit/HR or by using the College Dignity, Respect and Consent Unit Policies and supports. You are asked not to submit any details of grievances which are the subject of legal proceedings, or to mention specific individuals by name in the survey text boxes. If you wish to speak in confidence about any issues that arise through your participation in the survey, please use the Employee Assistance Programme Home - Inspire Wellbeing . You can also use the online Speak Out reporting tool

which provides the opportunity for you to make the University aware of incidents that you have either experienced or witnessed by reporting them anonymously. 

I have a question who should I contact?

If you have any queries regarding the 2024 EDI survey, please contact