In May 2024 the School of Chemistry’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee hosted the 2024 in-person meeting for the All-Ireland Network for Gender Equality in Chemistry. The meeting, entitled The Chemistry of Equality, was funded by the Gender Equality Enhancement Fund 2023, and brought together representatives from all Chemical Sciences Departments in Ireland, who shared ideas and best practices to promote EDI actions within our schools and institutions. This network is the first of its kind in the country, building the first national EDI STEM Network.

Athena Swan holders from Ireland and the UK presented on the day:

  • Prof Graeme Watson, School of Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin
  • Prof Paul Kavanagh, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Queens University Belfast
  • Dr Ilaria Meazzini, MRSC, Senior Programme Manager
  • Prof Elaine O'Reilly from, School of Chemistry, University College Dublin highlighted the RISE initiative funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), that offers structured mentoring and practical experience to Retain, Inspire, Support and Enhance (RISE) undergraduate students from ethnically underrepresented groups in the Chemical Sciences.

The role of this Network is to empower a culture of gender equality across the Chemical Sciences in Ireland and enable us to become a beacon within and beyond institutions by leveraging sectoral experience and collating relevant shared data. The Network will continue to meet to discuss challenges, share best practice, and assist with planning to advance EDI activities and actions at local and national level.