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Student Training

Here are some trainings which Trinity offer to help students increase their knowledge and awareness of issues around Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Training

Let's Talk About Race in the Higher Education Sector - Online Training module

This online training module which is available to both staff and students is hugely important as Ireland becomes increasingly diverse. Ireland's increasing diversity combined with Trinity's international reputation has had massive implications for the demograohic make-up of Trinity's student and staff populations.

Check out what some Trinity students said about the training module below:

‘Acceptance of being uncomfortable while dealing with race issues made me feel better and safe.’

‘There is a lot of complexities around racism and it highlights these well.’

‘Empowering for students who may feel uncomfortable talking about race.’

The programme aims to develop greater awareness of the nature of racism, and in particular provide an understanding of how racism may take the form of inequality and bias that is embedded in our universities in a systemic way. The module takes about 45 minutes to complete and you are provided with a certificate of completion at the end.

Click here to do the online training module - Let's Talk About Race in the Higher Education Sector

Please Note: TCD sign-in credentials required. Click on the 'catalogue' tab to access the training.

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is a term used to describe the associations that we hold which, despite being outside our conscious awareness, can have a significant influence on our attitudes and behaviour. Regardless of how fair-minded we believe ourselves to be, most people have some degree of unconscious bias. The term implicit bias is used to mean that humans are not neutral in their judgement and behaviour but instead have experience-based associations and preferences (or aversions) without being consciously aware of them (LERU 2018).

This 3-minute video by the Royal Society explains it well.

Online training is available on the following links:

Together Consent

Together Consent is Trinity College Dublin's sexual consent education programme. They were founded in 2016, and began facilitating consent workshops that year. Since then, they have been expanding the educational services they offer, and are proud to be at the forefront of Consent Education in Third Level Education in Ireland.

Together Consent offers three main sexual violence prevention education programmes:

  • Consent Workshops
  • Consent Plus Workshops
  • First Responder Training

Click here to check out Together Consent.


Ability Co-op

The Trinity Ability Co-op is co-operative movement by students with disabilities towards radical inclusion on campus. They work in partnership with Trinity’s Disability service to ensure that inclusion is a priority in Trinity.

The Ability Co-op's Trinity Towards Inclusive Clubs and Societies Project aims to equip clubs and societies within Trinity College Dublin with the necessary skills and support to design their organisation to be accessible and inclusive to students with disabilities. Click here to check out the Towards Inclusive Clubs and Societies Project.

Blackboard Ally

Blackborad Ally allows students to access their course materials in different formats. If you are a disabled student, a studnet with a long commute, or a student who prefers to listen rather than read, then Blackboard Ally can help you access your prefered way of study.

Click here to find out more about Blackboard Ally.

Other Training / Supports

Below are links to other Trinity training which students can use to help develop their academic skills, IT skills and much more.