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Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

The Diversity and Inclusion Strategy sets out the actions that Trinity will take to promote its strategic values of Diversity and Inclusivity.

equality officer, director of diversity and inclusion and equality committee chair with copies of the diversity and inclusion strategy

L-R: Equality Officer, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Equality Committee Chair 2016-2018 at launch of Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

The core values of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy are laid out in the Diversity Statement, which affirms that "Trinity College does not regard Diversity as an end in itself, but as a fact of what we are, as a core value, and as shaping force of what we do. Diversity is not an ‘initiative’ or a ‘project’; it is an ongoing core process".

The wide-ranging, ambitious and achievable actions in the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy are all specific and measurable, and each has an assigned owner and timeline. These actions reinforce and build on the Equality and Diversity objectives laid out in the Strategic Plan 2014-2019.


The Director of Diversity and Inclusion has particular responsibility for implementing the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, and some actions within the plan are owned by or shared with other offices. However, all members of the university community have a role to play in achieving the Strategy's vision of "an ethos, not only of respect, understanding and appreciation of difference, but an ethos where difference in individuals and in groups is supported and celebrated".

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