Trinity College Dublin - Policies

Trinity has developed several policies relating to equality in compliance with its legal obligations and in the spirit of its commitment to equality and diversity. The ongoing implementation of these policies in the day-to-day activities of the university - from the installation of accessible paths in Front Square to the respectful customer service provided by frontline staff - makes Trinity a welcoming place for staff, students, and visitors, in which everyone can achieve their full potential.

Policies are made a reality by the dedication of everyone in the Trinity community, and all staff and students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the contents of this Policy section as well as the full list of equality/diversity policies. 

The Equality Officer is happy to advise on the contents or implementation of any of these policies.

Students' Union policy and mandates are available at TCDSU. As the Students' Union is an independent body they should be contacted directly with any queries about these.