Action Plan to Tackle Sexual Violence and Harassment

In 2020, the Framework for Consent for Higher Education was published by the Department of Education and Skills. As part of our commitment to this framework, and prevention of sexual violence in our institution, we have set up an oversight working group with staff, student, and external representation. The aim of this oversight group is to implement the action plan published in June 2021, which can be read here

We recognise the problem of sexual violence in Higher Education, and we are committed to playing our part as individuals and as a community to changing this and making our University a safer place for all.

Dignity, Respect & Consent (DR&C) Service

Trinity's DR&C Service supports Staff, Students, and Others in matters relating to dignity, respect, and consent in Trinity College Dublin. For more information, including the Dignity & Respect and Sexual Misconduct Policies, the processes for disclosures and complaints, training, and resources, visit the DR&C website.

Video: Trinity launches Speak Out

Trinity College Dublin launches National Speak Out consent reporting tool. Speakers: Provost Linda Doyle, Professor Lorraine Leeson, TCDSU Greg Arrowsmith

Consent Framework Implementation Oversight Group Terms of Reference

Meetings 2024

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Tuesday 23 April 2024

Membership of the Consent Framework Working Group:

Associate Vice Provost Equality Diversity and Inclusion (Chair) – Lorraine Leeson

Dean of Students – Richard Porter

Director of Human Resources – Antoinette Quinn

Acting Director of Student Counselling – Trish Murphy

Senior Dean – Eoin O’Sullivan

Junior Dean – Philip Coleman

Senior Tutor – Stephen Smith

Dean of Graduate Studies – Martine Smith

Representation from Dean of Research Office - Wolfgang Schmitt

Acting Equality Officer -Siobán O’Brien Green

Students’ Union Representative – Welfare Officer (Chloe Staunton)

Graduate Students’ Union Representative – President (Gisele Scanlon)

Internal Advisor (with subject matter expertise) - Professor Stephanie Holt

Head of Communications – Sally-Anne Fisher

External Representative (with subject matter expertise): Shirley Scott (Rape Crisis Centre)

Representative of Employee Trade Union, Maria Kelly

Representation from groups at risk of sexual violence (disability; ethnic minorities; LGBT+) Director Disability Service, Declan Treanor; Representative of experience of racial minorities Tanmay Nath, representation from LGBTQ+, Daire Kelly

College Solicitor: Sinead Mac Bride

Dignity, Respect and Consent: Rachel Skelly