Information For Project Organisers

Congratulations on your successful application to the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Fund!

You can get started as soon as you have confirmed acceptance via email and provided the Cost Centre Code and Account and details and completed the General Ledger Transfer form .

You (and your project team) are responsible for

  • Monitoring your project's budget and requesting reimbursements/supplier payments from your school or department or unit in a timely manner
  • Implementing your project (e.g. booking rooms, contacting stakeholders, ordering from suppliers, etc.)
  • Ensuring that your project is completed in accordance with the EDI Fund Terms and Conditions.

EDI Fund Terms and Conditions

  • Your project should be completed within 6 months of receiving the EDI Fund grant, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Your project must be implemented as described in the application form - please notify the Equality Officer straight away of any changes.
  • Your project must comply with all relevant University Policies see here: Policies - About Trinity - Trinity College Dublin (
  • All funding granted via the EDI Fund must comply with College Procurement, Payroll, Invoice and Reimbursement guidelines; the statutory legal requirements governing public bodies as prescribed by the Revenue Commissioners; and any additional conditions specified by the EDI Sub-Committee and/or Trinity.
  • Funding granted awarded to successful project applications will be transferred in one lump sum to the Cost Centre Code and Activity Code provided in the application form by using the General Ledger transfer form local reimbursement for all project related expenses is anticipated to be done in a timely and prompt manner. Conditions of the EDI Fund mandate that: receipts are retained for inspection and unspent money is returned to the EDI Office.
  • Project applications and successful projects are recommended to make use of spaces in College and use suppliers that are on the College Procurement list for items such as catering, printing, AV at events, photography, etc. as part of their EDI Fund projects.
  • You must report to the EDI Office on progress and outcome of your project within 6 months of granting of funding using the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Fund- Final Project Report template (link here).
  • You must share any publicity material relating to your project with the EDI Office, for future promotion of the Fund.

Running Events

  • Proposed events should follow Trinity Event Safety information
  • The Event Accessibility Checker must be used to ensure your event is as accessible as possible.
  • It is recommended that you begin your project preparations as soon as possible, to allow for any issues arising to be resolved in plenty of time before the event.


  • Every project should have a plan for communicating its activities and achievements to its target audience, making use of a range of media.
  • You are encouraged to tag the EDI Office in any social media posts about your event or send links to for sharing on our website and social media.
  • Please use the "general use" Trinity logo in any visual materials (such as PowerPoint presentations, posters, publications, etc) – available here
  • Please acknowledge the support of the Trinity EDI Fund in any visual materials or at events.

You may also wish to look at other Trinity sources of project funding such as: