Strategic Plan

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity are key themes in Trinity's Strategic Plan 2020-2025. One of the primary goals in Trinity's Strategic Plan 2020-2025 is to foster an ever more diverse and inclusive student community.

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We are an inclusive community that values diversity and is committed to providing adequate supports mapping on to that diversity. We recognise that diversity takes many forms. We are committed to widening access to university across the social spectrum in Ireland and will intensify the pursuit for greater equity of access by strengthening our Trinity Access Programmes.

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Key Priorities

Priority One: Diversity and the Student Experience

With the expected growth in the student population of Trinity from 18,000 in 2018 to approximately 21,500 in 2025, "such growth will be carefully managed across the different categories of students with a policy of resourced, strategic development which positions us to explore ever more creative options to meet the changing demands of an evolving student demographic."

Having a diverse mix of students learning together speaks strongly to our deeply-held value of being an inclusive community, and we think about socio-economic diversity and geographical diversity as part of the same strategic goal. So, for instance, our Trinity Access Programmes will be instrumental in increasing the percentage of our undergraduate students from non-traditional backgrounds in higher education to 25% by 2025.

Priority 3: Community and Effective Organisation

" the profile of the students will considerably change over the next five years, becoming more diverse and learning in new ways, we must ensure that our staffing, infrastructure, and processes are matched to a changing student population."

Trinity students are citizens of a community, participating in its governance and contributing their own strategic plan - published by the TCD Students’ Union for 2019-2024 it promises to hold the university to account for commitments made to enhance the student experience.

Our strong commitment to values of inclusivity and equality also means that we will unrelentingly pursue our ambitious targets towards full gender equality under the Athena SWAN programme and the HEA National Review of Gender Equality in Higher Education Institutions (2016). We will develop a robust Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion strategy which will drive these principles. Our strong sense of ethics and societal responsibility also manifests itself in a widely-shared commitment to embed, enable and articulate civic action in research, teaching, and our institutional culture.


The Office of the Vice-Provost oversees the implementation of the Strategic Plan, with the Equality Office responsible for the implementation of the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion objectives. However, all areas must get involved for Trinity's strategic objectives to be embedded in everyday practice.

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