Disability Act

The Disability Act was enacted in 2005 and includes a number of positive action measures designed to promote participation by people with disabilities in everyday life.

One objective of the Disability Act is to ensure that people with and without disabilities can access public buildings and services. This includes:

  • access to the public parts of Trinity buildings
  • access to information provided Trinity
  • access to services provided by Trinity

In accordance with the Act, Trinity has an Access Officer who can answer queries about access to its buildings, information and services, as well as two Inquiry Officers who are appointed to deal with complaints made under the Disability Act.

Public Sector Employment

Under the Disability Act, public sector bodies like Trinity are legally obliged to:

  • take all reasonable measures to promote and support the employment of people with disabilities
  • reach a target proportion of employees with disabilities (currently 3%)
  • report every year on the number and percentage of employees who have disabilities

To allow Trinity to report on the number of its staff who have a disability, every employee is requested to complete a confidential form once a year. According to the most recent survey, 4.1% of Trinity staff have disabilities.