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Asian Studies


To advance knowledge of Asia through interdisciplinary teaching, research and engagement

News and Events

Webinar: Isabella Weber (University of Massachusetts Amherst) - Price Controls versus Economic Warfare: Hyperinflation and the Communist Revolution
Webinar: Rebecca E. Karl (New York University) - The Socialist Law of Value and the Rural Economy: Wang Yanan and Marxism in China, 1950s
Webinar: Edwin Michielsen (University of Toronto) - Celebrating the Proletariat: May Day Strikes and Syntheses of Solidarity
PhD position in Gyalrongic (Sino-Tibetan) descriptive and historical linguistics
Viren Murthy (University of Wisconsin Madison) - Back to the Future: Reflections on Tamil Marxism, Anti-Colonial Nationalism and Identity Politics
Webinar: Li Shang (Swansea University) - A fresh look at Marx's understanding of the Asiatic mode of production
Webinar: Dr Yushu Geng - From Wise Mother/Good Wife to Tiger Mom: women in 20th century China
Webinar: Professor Nathan Hill - The word for 'tiger' in Chinese and other Asian languages
Webinar: Dr Dong Jin Kim - Global Health Diplomacy and North Korea: Ending the Quarantine of Humanitarianism in 2022
Webinar: Alexander Statman - Ancient Wisdom and Unhistorical History: Hegel's Encounter with Chinese Philosophy
Webinar: Gerald Roche (La Trobe University) - Language Oppression in China: What Does it Look Like?
Webinar: James Leibold (La Trobe University) - Taming Mongolia: Xi Jinping’s Agenda for Coercive Nation Building in the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region
Webinar: Dr Qi Zhang (Dublin City University) - The trilingual education for ethnic minorities: field studies of the Tujia, the Uyghurs and the Inner Mongolian
Webinar: Naomi Yamada (Meiji) - Changing approaches to positive discrimination in education in China
Webinar: Wenyu Du (Beihang) -- AI-enabled digital transformation and innovation in China
Webinar: Lin Boqiang (Xiamen University) Evolution of China’s Energy Policy
Webinar: Linda Tsung (Sydney) - Multi-model approaches in multilingual education in China
Webinar: Julia C. Schneider (Cork) - Who belongs to the Chinese nation? Inclusion and exclusion in Chinese Republican historiography
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