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Visiting Academics & Affiliated Researchers

Doctoral Research Students at TCAS

Muhammad Ilyas Morpho-Phonological Analysis of Verbal System in Balti Language Supervisor: Prof Nathan Hill. Li Shihua Finding Tujia’s Place in Tibeto-Burman.Supervisor: Prof. Nathan Hill. Li Ruiyao Synchronic and diachronic analysis of a Southern Situ variety (Gyalrongic). Supervisor: Dr Yunfan Lai. Ha Minyeong Comparing Asian and Western Chinese learner perspectives: The New HSK level 3 Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language. Supervisor: Prof Lorna Carson. Zhu Honghui Multilingualism in Sino-foreign educational programs in China. Funded by TCD-China Scholarship Council Award. Supervisor: Prof Lorna Carson. Yau Ka Lo Negotiating Modern Childhood: A Social History of Children in Republican China (1912-1949). Funded by Irish Research Council Laureate Award CHINACHILD. Supervisor: Dr Isabella Jackson. Chan Pak Hei Multilingualism in Hong Kong. Supervisor: Dr Lorna Carson. Provost’s Ph.D. Project Award. Du Siyi Changing Representations of the Republic of China, 1912-1915 and 1940-1945: An Analysis of Chinese Public History Practice. Funded by a Provost’s PhD Project Award. Supervisor: Dr Isabella Jackson. Liu Xun Chinese Cultural Changes Reflected In Chinese Classics to Modern Chinese: A Linguistic Approach. Recipient of the TCD-CSC Joint Scholarship. Supervisor: Prof. John Saeed. Clare Morrison Identity and Irishmen in the Chinese Customs Service. Recipient of a North/South Postgraduate Scholarship. Supervisor: Dr Isabella Jackson. Wang Hongfei Intelligent Tools for Beginner-level Chinese Learners". Supervisor: Dr Neasa Ní Chiaráin. Zhang Meishan Media and Medical Equipment in the Republican Shanghai, 1912-1949. Recipient of the H&H School Research Studentship. Supervisor: Dr Isabella Jackson. Carlos Oliveras Supervisor: Dr Gessica De Angelis.


Meet our Ph.D. Graduates

Kwok, Chung Kam School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences, TCD. PhD Thesis title: Self and Identity in Additional Language Learning Motivation: A Case Study of Learners of Chinese. Zhang Chang Education Officer, Post-Primary Languages Ireland. PhD Thesis title: Demotivation in Learning Chinese. Jiang Ning Assistant Professor in Chinese Studies, TCD. Ph.D Thesis title: Chinese Character Learning Strategies in Foreign Language Education. Jiang Renfeng Assistant Professor, Shandong University. Ph.D. Thesis title: The Language Learning Motivation of Chinese Postgraduate Students in Ireland from the Perspectives of Confucian Learning Philosophy. Shao Lijie Chinese Language Instructor, Dublin City University. Ph.D. Thesis title: Three Case Studies in English Medium Instruction in Higher Education Business Programmes in in Expanding Circle Countries: Japan China, and the Netherlands.