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Korean Studies

Korean Studies is a discipline which focuses on the study of Korea from a variety of academic perspectives. The discipline includes the study of Republic of Korea (South Korea), the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the Korean diaspora.
The Korean Studies programme at Trinity College commenced in 2010, with the support of the Korea Foundation. Currently, a range of credit-bearing and extracurricular modules in Korean language and culture are available for Trinity students as well as opportunities for postgraduate research supervision. A fee-paying Extramural Programme is also offered.

Caoimhe Devaney
Trinity alumna in French with a minor in Spanish. Currently based in Paris, studying and lecturing at the École Normale Supérieure.

I signed up to the Korean Elective as an extra-curricular in 2016/17, pretty much on a whim, and then I liked it so much that I continued with the Korean Extramural classes for two further years. Professor Do offers a class that is one of a kind in Dublin. She really knows how to teach the language effectively and cater to the educational needs of her students, especially at the beginner level. Attending her class was a pleasure, and it was the favourite part of my week as a student. Aside from just teaching, Professor Do also takes time to tell her students about many scholarship and job opportunities that are available in Korea, I would not have been aware of these otherwise. Looking back now, this was the single most valuable class that I took during the whole of my degree in Trinity. Knowing Korean has been the number one thing that has set me apart in my university research and my professional life.