Michael Flannery

Head of Department of Arts and Religious Education, Marino Institute of Education, Education




  • The EcoSonic Playground: A Place Where Children Play, A Community’s Project. MIE, TCD (AERG) and University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Digital Skills in Action (TCD-UCD-MIE-NCAD-IADT). The project will provide the foundation for a sustainable collaborative approach within the Southern cluster to the ongoing development and enhancement of Digital Literacies in HEIs.
  • Investigating the learning and research potential derived from directed/ self directed learning for visual arts
  • Impact evaluation study of an MIE visual arts integrated project from a multi-literacies development perspective
  • Examining the nature of and processes underpinning ideation in creativity Dr. Michael Flannery – AERG - TCD Dr Michael Flannery – AERG - TCD Dr Michael Flannery – AERG - TCD



  • Investigating the potentiality of visual arts for children’s spiritual development
  • Comparing primary drama curricula with respect to subject inclusion, dilution and exclusion in international contexts
  • Evaluating the potentiality of drama as a methodology for EAL
  • Exploring the potentiality of visual arts as a means of developing communication skills to children with autism
  • Examining how visual art can be used to promote gender equality issues in the primary school context
  • Investigating the potentiality of socio-dramatic play in developing children’s emotional intelligence



  • RECEC Symposium (TCD, Dublin): Early Learning Experiences Symposium: Children, Creativity and Contexts - Reflecting on C3i in early education practice: Curriculum integration, imagination and innovation.



  • InAEA 2ND BIANNUAL VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: ART EDUCATION IN THE ERA OF CREATIVITY - Evaluating MUVE technology for visual arts inquiry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZT37AH9g5k&feature=youtu.be&t=7200 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByeZMvPrsfAqb0d4ZEphbml3cHM/view
  • LAI Conference: Evaluating the impact of Visual Arts on children’s procedural writing



  • (2013) RAI Conference: Introducing VALID - Literacy development in Visual Arts
  • (2012) Scotens conference: Analysing primary teachers’ perspectives on imagination, creativity and innovation
  • (2011) T.E.S.S., St Mary’s University College, Belfast, Northern Ireland: Using online asynchronous discourse for grounded theoretical research
  • (2010) M.A.V.A., National College of Art and Design, Dublin: Examining primary teachers’ perspectives regarding awareness, appreciation and appraisal in art
  • (2009) I.N.T.O. Education Conference on Creativity: Exploring different constructs on creativity



  • Michael is an external examiner of the B Ed and PME programmes for St. Patrick’s College, a college of Dublin City University

Publications and Further Research Outputs

  • Scotens (2013) Online CPD: analysing primary teachers‟ perspectives on creativity, imagination and innovation in Creative Teachers for Creative Learners, Implications for Teacher Education
  • Granville, G. Ed. (2012) Art Education and Contemporary Culture Irish Experiences International perspectives, Bristol UK/ Chicago USA, Intellect Publications
  • INTO (2012) Literacy development in visual arts (VALiD)
  • INTO (2011) Providing a F.R.A.M.E. for looking and responding