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Social Work and Social Policy Student Timetables 2021/2022

**Please note all timetables are subject to change and should be checked regularly**

Locations Of On Campus Teaching Venues

Arts Building

Regent House

College Green


Bachelor in Social Studies (BSS)

The 2021/22 Michaelmas Term (Semester 1) Timetables are as follows:

  • Junior Fresh
  • Senior Fresh
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Social Policy (BA.Soc.Soc.Pol)

    The 2021/22 Michaelmas Term Timetables are as follows:

  • Senior Fresh
  • Junior Sophister
  • Senior Sophister
  • Social Policy Joint Honours

    The 2021/22 Michaelmas Term Timetables is as follows:

    Junior Fresh

    Master of Science (MSc in Applied Social Research (Full Time/Part Time)

    The 2021/22 FACE TO FACE Timetables are as follows:

    Michaelmas Term

  • Part-Time year 1 Semester 1 F2F Only
  • Part-Time year 2 Semester 1 F2F Only
  • Full Time Semester 1 F2F Only
  • Masters in Social Work (MSW)

    The 2021/22 Timetables are as follows:

  • MSW Year 1
  • MSW Year 2
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Child Protection & Welfare (CPW)

    The 2021/22 Timetables are as follows:

    Year 1