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Capstone Project

In your final year you will do a capstone project which showcases the skills and knowledge you have developed across the four years of study. Capstone projects usually involve primary or secondary research on a topic that you choose. The topic you select can be based on your interests arising from your studies, work or volunteering experience or can be directed with specific career paths in mind.

Here are some examples of the topics students have selected for their social policy capstone project in recent years:

  • Role of social media in activism
  • Policy responses to family homelessness
  • Relationships between environmental concern and the rise of sustainable fashion
  • Acceptance of asylum seekers and refugees in Ireland
  • Impact of wearable technology on patients
  • Implications of involuntary confinement in Irish society
  • Alignment of data protection policies and modern expectations of privacy
  • Impact of Brexit on cultural identity in Northern Ireland