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Course Structure & Content

Social Policy

This programme is taught by the School of Social Work and Social Policy and is offered as part of the Joint Honours architecture.

Course Content
Social policy uses theory but it is about people’s lives –which means it is applied - focused on real social issues and how policy can affect real people. Social policy is also interdisciplinary- it uses insights from disciplines such as economics, sociology, psychology, geography, history, law, philosophy and political science.  This is why social policy is called a field of study. An understanding of these diverse disciplines is necessary to address the complexity of many social issues and to formulate social policies which can make a difference. Typical subjects in Social Policy include:





  • Introduction to Social Policy Concepts
  • Introducing Social Policy in Action
  • Accessing and Reviewing Literature
  • Critical Analysis and Argument Development
  • Poverty
  • Citizens Participation in Research & Policy
  • Leadership and Management in Human Services
  • Health Policy
  • Life Course and Welfare states
  • Youth and Society: Contemporary Issues
  • Research Methods for Social Policy
  • European Refugee Policy
  • Ageing Societies
  • Families, Reproduction and Social Policy
  • Disability and Human Rights 
  • Poverty, Inequality and Redistribution
  • Capstone

Student Handbook 2022 - 23

Social Policy (Joint Honours) Course Handbook 2022-23