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Latin Grammarians Forum

Latin grammarians are an important subject in classical studies. Their work has laid the foundations of linguistics as a science and influenced language teaching in Western Europe until the present day. Moreover, they represent one of the richest sources of Greek and Latin fragmentary literatures and bear witness to wide cultural issues such as bilingualism and history of education. This field of studies is recently undergoing a significant revival with the prestigious Collectanea Grammatica Latina (CGL, Georg Olms Verlag), with the series of critical texts of Latin grammarians which is superseding and completing Keil's Grammatici Latini, and with collaborative initiatives in Italy (digital critical editions of several Latin grammarians, funded by the Italian government in 2019) and in France (Groupe Ars Grammatica: first translation of Priscian into a modern language). The Latin Grammarians Forum will have a significant impact on both the specific field, which is still largely relying on 19th-century scholarship, and wider subjects, such as palaeography, history of linguistics, ancient and medieval bilingualism, and classical literatures, their transmission and reception.

The three objectives outlined above have so far been pursued by strengthening the methodological coherence of the network in two research workshops held at Trinity College (Department of Classics) in 2018 and 2019 (see below for the detailed programmes of these two events). The 2020 workshop is already planned and will be held at Roma Sapienza in May 2020.

Network Members

The network currently involves 13 scholars based at 9 different institutions in 5 European countries. Further interdisciplinary collaborations will be sought with experts in palaeography, Digital Humanities, Renaissance studies, and physics (multispectral analysis of manuscripts).

List of members: Andrea Bramanti (Roma Tre); Prof. Dr. Anna Chahoud (Trinity College Dublin); Dr. Carmela Cioffi (independent researcher); Prof. Mario De Nonno (Roma Tre); Prof. Dr. Alessandro Garcea (Sorbonne Paris IV); Dr. Adam Gitner (Munich, Thesaurus linguae Latinae); Dr. Claudio Giammona (Roma Sapienza); Dr. Tommaso Mari (Bamberg); Prof. Dr. Costas Panayotakis (Glasgow); Dr. Stefano Poletti (Pisa Normale); Prof. Dr. Michela Rosellini (Roma Sapienza); Dr. Elena Spangenberg Yanes (Trinity College Dublin); Dr. Anna Zago (Pisa).

Organised events

Editing Ancient Latin Grammarians: Textual and Linguistic Challenges (Trinity College Dublin, 11 May 2018)

Latin Grammarians Forum (Trinity College Dublin, 30-31 May 2019)


The proceedings of the 2018 and 2019 workshops are currently in preparation and will be published in 2020 as a monographic issue of the peer-reviewed journal Rationes Rerum.