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Hermathena - A Trinity College Dublin Review

The journal is under the auspices of the Department of Classics. It has been published here at Trinity College without interruption since 1873.

Subject Matter:

Classical World, Theology, Philosophy


Professor Monica Gale, Department of Classics

Book Reviews Editor:

Dr Ashley Clements, Department of Classics

Editorial Office:

Dr Selga Medenieks

2016-17 Prices

An annual subscription covers two issues and includes the cost of postage

  • Annual Subscription: €50.00
  • Single Issue: €25.00
  • Back Issue: €25.00
  • Agents less 10%
  • ISSN 0018-0750

Recent Issues

No. 193 (Winter 2012)

Places, Spaces, and Monuments in the Poetry of the First Century BC

  • Editorial: Space, Place and Literary Topographies
  • World under Construction: Space and Difference in Lucretius, De Rerum Natura I. Eva Marie Noller
  • Maenius absentem Novium cum carperet (Horace, Satires 1.3.21): Characters, Places, Monuments. Claudia Conese
  • omne patens: Reading Narrative Space in Ovid's Heroides. Bethany Flanders
  • & Reviews

No. 192 (Summer 2012)


  • Witches in time and space: Satire 1.8, Epode 5 and landscapes of fear. Marguerite Johnson
  • From Energeia to energy: Plotinus and the formation of the concept of energy. Paul Kalligas
  • The necessity of philosophy. John Dillon
  • & Reviews

No. 191 (Winter 2011)

Philosophy and Mathematics II: Selected Papers from the John J. Cleary Memorial Conference. Edited by Peter D. Larsen and Eleni Kaklamanou


  • Euclid's context principle. Peter Simons
  • Wittgenstein, constructivism, and mathematical proof. Thomas McNally
  • The provision of mathematics support and the role of the history of mathematics. Ciarán Mac an Bhaird
  • Filling the Void: the application of Free Logic to programming. Hugh Gibbons
  • & Reviews

No. 190 (Summer 2011)

Philosophy and Mathematics I: Selected Papers from the John J. Cleary Memorial Conference. Edited by Peter D. Larsen and Eleni Kaklamanou


  • Introduction. Peter D. Larsen and Eleni Kaklamanou
  • Proportion and Mathematics in Plato's Timaeus. S. Glenn
  • Aristotle on Mathematical and Eidetic Number. Daniel P. Maher
  • Russell and the Transfinite. James Levine
  • & Reviews

No. 189 (Winter 2010)

(containing essays arising from an all-day seminar held in the Centre for the Study of the Platonic Tradition in Trinity College, Dublin, given by the distinguished Russian Platonist Professor Yury Shichalin and a group of his students, on the subject of the Platonic Corpus and our understanding of its composition)


  • Introduction. John Dillon
  • On the new approach to the chronology of the Corpus Platonicum. Yury Anatolievich Shichalin
  • On the position of Crito in the Corpus Platonicum. Anastasia Zolotukhina
  • Concerning the date of Plato's Phaedrus. Anna Usacheva
  • Elenchus and Diairesis in Plato's Sophist. Olga Alieva
  • Some Support from Computational Stylistics. Harold Tarrant
  • & Reviews

No. 188 (Summer 2010)


  • Memories of Kythera: an address. G. L. Huxley
  • Problems in the Satires of Horace. E. Courtney
  • An invocation of Chrestos in Magic. The question of the orthographical spelling of Chrestos and interpretation issues in PGM XIII.288-95. Eleni Pachoumi

Review article

  • Comparing and connecting myths. G. L. Huxley review of Bruce Louden, Homer's Odyssey and the Near East.
  • & Reviews

No. 187 (Winter 2009)


  • 'The fox knoweth many things, the hedgehog one great thing': the relation of philosophical concepts and historical contexts in Plato's Dialogues. Michael Erler
  • The ethics of descent in Plotinus. Euree Song
  • Dr Johnson and the Irish. Niall Rudd
  • Defining and displaying the human body: collectors and Classics during the British Enlightenment. Ellen Adams
  • Notes on a biography of C. M. Bowra. G. L. Huxley
  • & Reviews

No. 186 (Summer 2009)


  • A possible Mesopotamian origin for Plato's World Soul. Leon Crickmore
  • Reading Socrates in Plato's Dialogues (Stephen MacKenna Lecture, Dublin, January 2009). Christopher Rowe
  • Reason in check: the skepticism of Sextus Empiricus. Daniel Vázquez
  • A note on the name Hermathena and its lepidopteran namesakes. Eileen Kelly
  • & Reviews

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