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Department of Political Science


International Relations

Tutorials attempted to cover too many readings from different weeks of the syllabus

Now provide a shorter, more focused list of readings specifying which ones will be covered at each tutorial meeting

Irish Politics

Put more reading material online

Much more resources now available online

Research Methods for Political Science

Not enough time between lectures on a topic and tutorial assignments on the same issue

Allow for more time between lecture and tutorial, so that there is enough time to prepare tutorial assignments

We would like to understand the mathematical formulas better, rather than only being able to apply them

Take more time in the lectures to explain formulas

Not enough people did the tutorial exercises, which made tutorials less effective

Count tutorial participation and doing homework exercises towards the total coursework grade

Contemporary International Relations

More time needed for in-class discussions

Introduced online peer review to provide for more time in class for discussion

Make tutorials more interactive

Introduced 'role-playing' in class to engage the course material in a more pragmatic/concrete fashion

Topics in Political Science

Prefer to write response papers more often instead of reviewing response papers

Put more emphasis on the response papers, less frequent reviews


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