Single Honours Philosophy | TR005

Single Honours Philosophy is an intensive four-year honours degree programme that provides an intensive and in-depth education in philosophical theory, method and practice.


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If you are interested in examining questions regarding the ultimate nature of reality and our knowledge of it, or in questioning society's basic assumptions and in analysing the moral, political, aesthetic and religious questions lying at the heart of our culture in an articulate manner you will find this a stimulating and challenging course.

Trinity graduates are extremely well regarded worldwide and our students find that their ability to be analytical and to be innovative thinkers opens up a range of career opportunities in fields as varied as teaching, journalism, advertising, law, filmmaking, business and technology. Many students go on to postgraduate study both at Trinity and other prestigious universities such as Stanford, MIT, LSE and the University of Cambridge.

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Ever wonder what it’s like to study Philosophy at undergraduate level in Trinity? We asked some students to tell us about their experience.

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Course Structure

In the first two years, students study foundation courses in the history of philosophy, as well as engage with certain fundamental philosophical problems such as the debates about free will, the nature of morality, the existence of God, logic, and the scope and limits of human knowledge. In their final two years, students can set their own syllabus by selecting from a range of courses such as political philosophy, ethics and philosophy of mind. This enables students to specialise in the areas they have found most interesting and most suited to their skills.


Assessment is by means of both essays and formal examinations with equal importance given to both. In the fourth year, students undertake a Capstone project. For more detailed information, please see the module outlines.

Entry Requirements

In 2022 the minimum CAO entry points were 487. Please note the special entry requirements of Leaving Certificate - OC3/HD3 Mathematics or GCSE - Grade B Mathematics. Please see the Study at Trinity website for additional details regarding admissions requirements.