The Centre for Justice and Values is a research centre based in the Department of Philosophy, School of Social Sciences and Philosophy.

The main aim of the Centre is to conduct and promote research in the area of value theory broadly defined, and more specifically on normative questions of justice, rights and fairness by bringing together researchers from different disciplines in College as well as outside it.

Research will be concentrated around a few main themes: Justice, Equality, Human rights, Responsibility, Gender, and Health. The Centre also seeks to engage with the public and practitioners in the area of social justice with a view to promoting fairness in society.

More specific objectives of the Centre include: Providing a focal point for interdisciplinary research on issues of justice and values; Supporting incoming postgraduate researchers working in these areas; Organising regular academic events that are also open to the public, including an annual lecture; Engaging with policymakers as well as contributing to public debate; and hosting international visitors.