Academic Awards

There are a number of academic prizes and awards for which Philosophy students at Trinity can compete during their time as an undergraduate.

This prize was founded in 1953 by a bequest from E.P. Cotter in memory of John Isaac Beare, Fellow 1887-1918. It is divided into three parts, and one part is awarded in each of the first three years of the honours course in philosophy.

Part I is awarded at the end of Trinity Term in each year to the Junior Freshman student who has submitted the best essays during the academic year. Similar regulations apply to Parts II and III in the Senior Freshman and Junior Sophister years respectively. The prize winners may select books to the value of €89 at the University booksellers.

(Junior Fresher and Senior Fresher exam prize; Senior Fresher foundation scholarship exam prize)

These prizes were founded in 1929 by a subscription in memory of John Henry Bernard, Provost 1919-1927. A prize is awarded annually in the Junior Freshman year and in the Junior Sophister year on the basis of the results of the honours examinations in philosophy; in the Senior Freshman year the prize is awarded to the candidate who performs best in the Foundation Scholarship exam.

The prize is open to candidates in (a) philosophy only, or (b) philosophy as part of a combined honours programme. In the case of (b), only the candidate's performance in philosophy is taken into account. The value of each prize is €108.

(Senior Sophomore Philosophy of Mind Dissertation Prize)

A prize of €250 has been provided by a benefactor and former student of Philosophy and Medicine at Trinity College Dublin, Dr. Thomas Farrell in honour of his mother, Madeleine Farrell. The prize will be awarded each year to the student who achieves the highest mark for a Senior Sophister thesis in Philosophy of Mind.

This prize was founded in 1977 from a general bequest to the College by Arthur Aston Luce, Fellow 1912-1977, Professor of Moral Philosophy 1934-1947, Berkeley Professor of Metaphysics 1947-1977.

It is awarded annually to the student who obtains the highest mark in the Problems of Philosophy paper at Part II (Senior Sophister) of the moderatorship examination. The prize is valued at €166.

Freshman years - prize for special examination on Berkeley)

This prize was founded in 1941 by a gift from the Rev. Arthur Aston Luce, in memory of his wife, Lilian Mary Luce, gold medalist in Mental and Moral Science. It is awarded on the basis of the result of a written examination held annually at the beginning of Trinity Term conducted by two examiners appointed from the honours examiners in philosophy.

The course consists, in the main, of portions of Berkeley's philosophical works, preferably those not specified in the honours course. Works about Berkeley may also be included. The course, which may be varied from year to year, is prescribed by the Head of the Department of Philosophy.

The examination is open only to students enrolled in the Single Honours course in Philosophy or taking Philosophy as part of a Two Subject Moderatorship. It may be taken in either the Junior Freshman or Senior Freshman year, but no student may be a candidate on more than one occasion.

Notice of intention to compete must be sent to the Senior Lecturer by 15 February. In the case of a close tie the board may divide the prize, on the recommendation of the examiners. The value of the prize is €381.

This prize was founded in 2020 by a gift from Harry Hartford, a graduate of the Faculty of Economic and Social Studies (Economics).

The prize will be awarded to the four best capstone projects annually within the disciplines of economics, political science, sociology and philosophy. Special consideration will be given to projects in the field of public policy, emphasising evidencebased research in the public domain. Value, €1,000 each.