Whether students are here for a single term, or an entire academic year, we hope their time at Trinity is both fun and academically rewarding.

Visiting Students

Such students may take any module from the Junior Fresher (JF) and/or Senior Fresher (SF) years. Under special circumstances, and with the proper background in philosophy and the approval of the Philosophy Visiting Student Coordinator, courses from the Junior Sophister (JS) and/or Senior Sophister (SS) years may be selected.

Exchange Students

The official list of exchange agreements/destinations can be found (https://www.tcd.ie/ssp/undergraduate/study-abroad/outgoing/destinations/)

Please note we no longer have an exchange linkage with Paris, but instead have one with Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey. 

Prospective Visiting Students

Further details on how to apply to come to Trinity as a visiting student are available on the Study at Trinity website.

Philosophy Visiting Student Coordinator

Any queries about course options may be directed to the Philosophy Visiting Student Coordinator, Dr. Rachel Handley. Her office is room 5003, Arts Building, and her office hours are Tuesdays 2-3pm and Thursdays (Zoom) 4pm-5pm.

Current Visiting Students

Details of individual modules taught by Philosophy staff that are available to visiting students can be viewed here.

All visiting students intending to take courses in the Department of Philosophy must obtain and complete a course registration form. Full instructions on module enrolment procedures are available from the University's Academic Registry

Full-year visiting students, students who are visiting for Michaelmas term (autumn semester) and students who are visiting for Hilary term (spring semester) are expected to fulfil the same course requirements, in terms of course work and exams, as Trinity students.

Please note, the Hilary term examination period takes place from 29th April 2024, which all Hilary term visiting students and full-year visiting students should bear in mind when making travel arrangements.