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Visiting Student Module Enrolment Process and Module Directory


2021/22 Visiting Student Module Enrolment

The list of all module available to visiting students is shown below in the Module Directory.

If you are enrolling in Law module please contact – all Law enrolments are completed internally by the School of Law.

Please be advised module enrolment for visiting students is now closed. Should you have any issues with your module selection please consult the respective school office.

General Informaiton on module Enrolment for Visiting Students:

  • Your choices will depend on your learning agreement, with Erasmus students expected to take at least half of their modules from their host department. You are allowed to take a maximus of 30 ECTS for each semester.
  • We recommend contacting your school with any queries on content, timetable or requirements. School contacts are listed in the Module Directory below.
  • Please allow two working days from submission of the sheet before seeing the modules on your record. It takes 48 hours for the changes to appear on your record and Blackboard.
  • Any changes made after the enrolment deadline date can have adverse effect on your exam scheduling and transcript.
  • Your submitted choices are not final and are subject to review by the Schools in question.  

Module Directory

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

General Science Course Specialised Departments

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Trinity Electives

    Visiting students may take up to two Trinity Electives (TE), one per semester. The application process for you takes place in early September and early January. Please be advised there is no change of mind period for your TE modules so make sure to choose carefully!

    More information on Trinity Electives can be found on the TE website.