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To choose Trinity Electives for 2020/21, you will be asked to select online in August 2020 via via the menu option ‘My Programme’. Further details will be communicated to you from Academic Registry. You cannot change your mind from one Trinity Elective to another, so make sure you select carefully!



Visiting students can enrol on Semester 2 Trinity Electives from 25-29 January 2021. Please contact if you experience difficulties with this.

What is a Trinity Elective?

  • Trinity Electives are 5 ECTS credit standalone modules available to the majority of students to add breadth to their undergraduate curriculum. They tend to be interdisciplinary in their design and they link to the University's research themes or key societal challenges or they cover languages and cultures.
  • They shouldn't be confused with Open Modules, which also add breadth to a student's studies but often in areas that are related or complementary to their home programme.

How do I apply?

  • You will go to and select the menu option 'My Programme' to express preference of what Trinity Elective you would like to take. Further details on the application process will be available nearer to the selection period in August 2020. Academic Registry will be in touch with more information to all eligible students. Remember, you cannot change your mind, so express your preferences carefully! Allocation of your Trinity Elective(s) will be made subsequently.

When do I apply?

  • Students will apply for Trinity Electives in 2020/21 in August, before term starts. Academic Registry will notify you directly with further details. Note that if you are taking two Trinity Electives (one per semester), you will express your preferences for Electives for both semesters at the same time. Semester 1 Visiting Students in 2020/21 will select in August 2020 and Semester 2 Visiting Students will select in January 2021.

In which semester does each Trinity elective run?

When will I know which Trinity Elective I’ll be taking?

  • If you are selecting in August 2020, you will be notified subsequently of which Trinity Elective(s) you have been allocated to. You cannot change your mind at that stage, so make sure you express your preference carefully! Visiting Students will receive immediate confirmation of their allocation when they select.

Can I take any Trinity Elective?

  • Most Trinity Electives are available to any student to take. However there are some exceptions – read the ‘Who can take this Trinity Elective?’ section at the bottom of the webpage for each Trinity Elective for further details.

What do I do if I want to change my mind about my allocated Elective(s)?

  • Change of mind will not be facilitated. So you need to be very careful when you express your preference, as this will drive the allocation. The rationale for not being able to change your allocation is that if you miss even the first week of a Trinity Elective, it will be difficult to catch up. Many Trinity Electives have an intense introductory couple of weeks to give you the basics of the topic. If you are experiencing difficulties, you should contact your Module Coordinator and your Tutor.

How are the Trinity Electives assessed?

  • There is a variety of innovative assessment methods used across the Trinity Electives. You should look at the webpage of each Elective for details on which assessment methods will be used.

Can I take more than one Trinity Elective in a semester?

  • No – you can only take one Trinity Elective per semester. If you are taking two in an academic year, you select which you wish to take in both semesters when you select in August.

How many Trinity Electives can I take?

  • Your programme determines the number of Trinity Electives you may take. For some programmes it is compulsory – e.g. Engineering 2nd year and 3rd year students must take one Trinity Elective in their 2nd year and one Trinity Elective in their 3rd year. For other programmes it depends on what pathway options are offered. You should check with your programme coordinator/ in your handbook. For any students eligible to take Trinity Electives, a maximum of two may be taken, one per semester. Current 1st year students who are unsure if they are eligible to take a Trinity Elective should check at

In what year can I take a Trinity Elective?

  • Trinity Electives are taken in the 2nd and/or 3rd years. It will depend on which programme of study you are taking as to exactly when you take your Trinity Elective. You should check with your programme coordinator/in your handbook. The only exception will apply to students eligible to take Broad Curriculum in 2020/21 in their 3rd or 4th years – these students may take a Trinity Elective.

Do I have to take a Trinity Elective while I’m at College?

  • The answer to this depends on your programme of study. For some programmes it is compulsory, e.g. Engineering, Engineering with Management, Integrated Computer Science. Your programme will determine whether these are taken in your 2nd and/or 3rd year. For other programmes, e.g., in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, depending on the pathways available to you, you may opt to take one or two Trinity Electives. Students in the Health Sciences do not take Trinity Electives (except for Human Health and Disease, where students take two Trinity Electives in their 2nd year). If you are a current 1st year student, see to check your eligibility. Students who are eligible to take Broad Curriculum modules will take Trinity Electives instead - check with your Programme Director/Course Office/in your handbook regarding your requirements.

Will the set of Trinity Electives change?

  • There are an additional 12 new Trinity Electives being introduced from 2020/21. There may be changes to the offering every year and the offering of Trinity Electives will be reviewed on an annual basis.

What weighting will a Trinity Elective have towards my degree?

  • The results of any Trinity Electives taken in your 3rd year will count towards your overall degree award. They will be treated in the same way as any of the core mandatory or optional modules that you take in your 3rd year, i.e., your degree award will be calculated based on your final two years’ results, weighted at 30% and 70% respectively.

I’m a Visiting Student – can I take a Trinity Elective?

  • Depending on your programme of study – visiting students may take up to two Trinity Electives, one per semester. The application process for you takes place in late September and January.