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Note: Not all courses are required to conduct online module enrolment. If you do not receive an invitation to conduct online module enrolment via your in-tray then then it does not apply to you, and your School or course office will enrol you on your modules.

Important Steps

  1. During your course orientation session you will have received information on the module selections that are available to you.
  2. Consult your course handbook and departmental website for descriptions, learning modes and learning outcomes for each module, as well as assessment information.
  3. Modules are available on a first come first served basis, so you should make your selections as soon as possible once online module enrolment opens.
  4. Your module selections must be credit balanced. Please ensure that the modules you choose are worth 30 credits per semester and 60 credits overall. You will not be able to complete online module enrolment until your module selections are semester balanced.

Accessing online module enrolment

To enrol on optional modules (including Trinity electives and open modules), or to confirm compulsory modules, please log into using your college username and password. Then go to "My Programme".

Read the instructions on the screen carefully and follow the instructions. Take care to ensure that you have 30 credits of modules per semester.

A full userguide outlining the online module enrolment process step by step is available here.

Once you have confirmed your module selections enrolment, you will receive an in-tray message to the homepage of confirming your module selections.

Important note: once you have confirmed your selections do not click on the online module enrolment hyperlink on the "My Programme" page. Doing so will void your selections and you will have to reselect your modules!

Module details

Descriptions for modules can be accessed from by clicking the plus symbol and browsing to "Courses & Modules". Then click "View Module Descriptive Details".

Enter the code of the module and click "view modules".

Changing your module selections

If you have already chosen your modules and wish to change your mind, you can go back into online module enrolment while it is still open.

Please note: Once you click on the online module enrolment hyperlink this will void your selections and you must complete online module enrolment again! Voiding your selection immediately makes the places on these modules available for other students to select. If you have secured a place on a very popular module you risk losing it by going back into online module enrolment.

  • Log back into
  • Go to "My Programme"
  • Click "Online Module Enrolment"

Click "Undo Selections" (Shown above)- This will bring you to the page where you can undo your selections.

To undo a selection, click the bin icon beside the module code.


  • This will remove the module and allow you to reselect another module.
  • Once you have selected your new module, click "Submit Selections" and then "Confirm".
    If the module is full you will receive a message.
  • Once you have confirmed your module selections, you will receive a new in-tray message with your new module selections.


Queries on module content should be directed to your School or course office.

Technical queries can be emailed to