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Students on courses with clinical or other professional placements such as Dental Science, Medicine and Nursing may be required to undergo Garda vetting procedures prior to commencing placements.

Please read the below Information and Guidelines.

1. Vetting Forms

  • Students can download their Garda Vetting forms from the Orientation website.
  • Complete the vetting invitation, and Student Vetting declaration forms (and Parental Concent form if you are under 18).

2. Document Certification

  • Students who have resided outside Ireland for a consecutive period of 6 months or more will be required to provide clearance documentation from the country in which they resided at the time of registration.
  • The completed forms, original or certified copies of ID, recent proof of address and your police clearance certificates (if applicable) to the Academic Registry.

Once steps 1 and 2 have been completed log onto and start registration immediately.

3. Submitting Forms

  • Within 3-4 days after submitting your forms you will receive an email from EVETTING.DONOTREPLEY@GARDA.IE.
  • Follow the instructions to access the online Garda Vetting form.

4. Disclosure

  • When your form is processed the Academic Registry will provide you with a Garda Disclosure sent by email.
  • Until you receive the Disclosure you will not be permitted to participate on any placements
    associated with your course.