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Pathway Selections - Junior Fresh & Senior Fresh joint honours students: Open from 1st June – 15th June 2022.


Choices available to Joint Honours students

At the end of junior fresh and senior fresh years, joint honours students will have a decisions to make regarding their pathways.

Students will be notified by social media, email and Intray message in when the pathway selection functionality is open.

Junior Fresh Joint Honours students

Must choose between the following options for their senior fresh year:

  1. Continue to take both subjects that they currently take (20 credits each) and 20 credits of Trinity electives & open modules. 
  2. Take subject 1 as a major (40 credits) and subject 2 as a minor (20 credits). 
  3. Take subject 2 as a major (40 credits) and subject 1 as a minor (20 credits). 
  4. Take one subject only (40 credits) and 20 credits of Trinity electives & open modules. 

These options are shown in the diagram below.

Further information on the choices and pathways that are available to joint honors students can be viewed on the Trinity Pathways website.

Important Note on choosing a Single Honors pathway:

If you select a Single Honors pathway option for Senior Fresh, you will be on track to exit with a Single Honors degree. If you select any other option, you will have options to finalise your exit award when progressing to your Junior Sophister year.


Trinity electives & Open modules

If you opt to take Trinity electives and open modules. you will be notified when the functionality for Trinity elective preference selection is open (approx timeframe beginning to mid-July).

You will choose in order of preference which Trinity electives you wish to take. You will then be notified of your Trinity elective allocation (approx timeframe late-July).

Open modules are selected during online module enrolment ((approx. timeframe late-July).

Senior Fresh Joint Honors students

Must choose between the flexible pathway options for Junior Sophistor year. What pathways are available to you, will depend on the decisions you made for your senior fresh year.

To view the pathways available to you are shown in the diagram below:

Note on Major/ Minor Options A & B:

If you select a Major with Minor Option A for Junior Sophister you will take 40 ECTS in the Major and 20 ECTS in the Minor and will then continue studying the Minor Subject into Year 4 (20 ECTS Capstone/20 ECTS in Major/20 ECTS in Minor subject.
If you select a Major with Minor Option B for Junior Sophister you will take 30 ECTS in each of the Major and Minor subject in JS year and you will only study the Major in Year 4 (20 ECTS capstone/40 ECTS in Major subject).

Please use the Joint Honours pathways tool to explore your options further

Further information on joint honours pathways, is available from the Trinity Joint Honours course office.

How to make pathway selections

Pathway selection choices are made in an explanation for joint honors students is available as a quickguide.

View the podcast on pathway selections.

The basic steps to pathway selection are listed below:

Pathway selection choices are made in

Students will receive a notification that the pathway selection is open and how long it will remain open for.

Immediate action should be taken especially if you are unsure of which pathway choice to make.

Once chosen, this pathway selection CANNOT be undone and will determine your overall degree.

Logon to using your college username and password.

Goto "My Programme" and then click on the "Click here to select your programme " link

Depending on which course you are studying your pathway options will be listed.

You can choose one of the course options listed and then click on the "Select programme" or

if you wish to remain studying your current pathway click on the "Continue programme" button.

Once you click on the "Confirm" button you CANNOT change your mind ! So please take some time to think about your decision.

You will then receive an Intray message confirming your decision on the home page of

Student Queries

Questions regarding pathway choices should be directed to your own school or course office.

Students taking reassessments.

Students taking reassessments should log into and make your programme pathway selections when pathway selection opens. This programme pathway selection will be stored and you will be enrolled onto the pathway you have chosen when the reassessment results have been published.

Off Books Students

If you are off books but have completed assessments this year you will be invited to make pathway selections at the same time as the other students.

If you are off books without any assessments this year and are returning to College, please contact your school or course office. They will contact Academic Registry on your behalf to get your status & pathway updated.